Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Brainstorming ....

Since finishing the boot, I've been spending some time thinking how to customise the other boot. I've got a basic idea but to mould this idea around the boot shape, also needs planning.

I've also got an idea to make some cards, as I should be able to make and sell these with a small profit. As everyone knows it's better to sell more things at less profit than 1 thing with a bigger profit. In this current climate I think this is probably the way to go for the time being.

The trouble is once I start thinking, it almost always leads to another idea, and another, and another, and then I never know which idea to follow !!

I'm off to visit my oldest daughter tomorrow for a few days, and in between going out on adventures to find new things to photograph, I'll be borrowing her sewing machine to start both the boot project and the card project. How I wish I had a basic electric sewing machine that does zig zag of my own. Maybe one day if someone is kind on Freecycle eh.

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