Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Off to Scotland

Well I'm off today and as Inverness is due to get some snow I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's no disruption at Inverness airport, which stops my plane taking off from Manchester. As my daughter is just dropping me off and coming back home.

I'm also hoping that there's not too much walking involved at Manchester airport too, as I was too proud to let them know I've got mobility problems.

I'm feeling pretty nervous too, not through meeting Andy and Mel just worried if I'll get there ok because of the snow and navigating my way round the airport.

If I don't see you all before I'll see you when I get back :o)

1 comment:

ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

scrapyard is all tidy friend and Mel is flapping like good un
lets hope you don't end up in Russia

andy xxx

your Horsebox awaits madame and i am bringing some ladders to help you in xx