Friday, 20 February 2009

End of my adventures in the Highlands

The last day of my trip to the Highlands started at 4am. By the time a coffe had been drunk, the horsebox started up and suitcase loaded, all too soon it was 5am and time to set off for the 7am flight from Inverness.

Just as we arrived at the airport it started to snow. I smiled thinking how fitting that the snow greeted me and also said farewell to me. I regretted that thought a good few times in the coming hours I can tell you.

After tearful farewells I dissapeared through into the departure lounge, with a final wave to Andy and Mel. Ten minutes before the flight was due to take off everyone was ushered onto the plane. We all sat down duly put on our seatbelts and waited. The pilot announced that there would be a slight delay while the runway was cleared, we waited ... and waited, then it was decided to get us all off the plane again while the runway was cleared, it was about 7.30am by now and the plane was due to take off at 7am. It got to 8.30 and I went and asked one of the Flybe staff what was happening as there had been no announcements to keep us informed. I was told we would be taking off at 9am now.

Ok only half and hour to wait, 9 am came and went and I was very aware that by this time my daughter would be waiting for me at Manchester airport, a quick text to tell her about the delay. 9am became 10 am and we were told we could get vouchers for a light snack, but no news of when the flight was going to take off. Mid day arrived and we were told to go and pick up another voucher for food. By this time I was getting very stressed and tearful, more because I was thinking about my daughter sitting waiting for me than anything I think. Eventually at 1pm we were told that the flight was cancelled and we were to go to the Flybe desk and get new boarding tickets, grrrrrr.

While I was waiting in the queue I heard someone divert to Birmingham airport for a 3pm flight rather than wait till 5pm for a flight to Manchester. So I did the same, after a quick call to my daughter to make sure she had enough petrol to get there, but I told her to hang on at Manchester till I was sure this flight would go ahead. 3pm came and we were told that there would be a delay ( this was beginning to sound all too familiar) Then at last at 3.30pm, 8 1/2hrs later than planned, we boarded the flight and 1/12hrs later, I arrived in Birmingham, no sign of my daughter !! A quick call she was lost lol, after about half an hour she suddenly appeared shouting "MOM" what a relief !!!

By now we were both tired, so we decided to go and stop at my oldest daughters house in Bromsgrove overnight and continue on home the next day. I found out afterwards that 12" of snow had fell in that snow storm, it didn't look that deep to me or any of the other passengers !!




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Pixie Mel said...

Hi Jane loved reading your stories they made me laugh and cry
so glad you got home in one piece
and hope Jemmy wasn't to upset

love mel xxxx