Sunday, 21 February 2010

Treat of the day

I had a rare treat yesterday, a trip out to the car boot at Llandygai in Bangor. Last time we went there it was rubbish, but it seemed much better this time. The reason for the treat was to look for a dvd player for myself, and I managed to find one for £3 and whats more when we got home it worked perfectly ...bargain. I also picked up an ornamental metal bird cage for £2 to hang in my bedroom...if I can find a beam to screw a hook into.

I was very lucky on Freegle (Freecycle) this week too, I was picked to get a large under the bed storage box, a small bbq for the summer and a couple of nighties, so I was very pleased about that. I'm hoping when the warmer weather arrives I'll be able to pick up some bushes and plants for the garden too.

My motivation has returned I'm pleased to report, so I've been cracking on with the big oil painting for my front room. This is an abstract painting in vibrant yellows through to oranges, deep blues, aubergines and purples with a background of brown. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I like it. I spent yesterday cutting some pieces of glass to use on parts of the brown background, to add some sparkle, which I'll probably add on today sometime. Next on the agenda is a small house warming present for a traveller friend of mine, who has just decided that a home base feels like a good idea, after a very close call where he almost lost his eye due to accident with a hawthorn bush while he was laying a hedge. Plus like me he's not getting any younger, and doesn't think he can face another long winter in his van.

All being well I should be getting a tattoo on my ear sometime today too, if my daughter manages to come up with a design I like. I did a rough sketch of one the other night, but she thinks it should be more of a statement than that, so I'll leave it up to her. I've wanted an ear tattoo since we went to the Llandudno tattoo convention last year, and saw quite a few people with them there. Perfect for me as I can't wear earrings as I get an allergic allergy to any metal.

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Glad you had a good day at Llandegi, we got a few bargins too. Car boots do seem to be picking up a bit although Mona was dreary today, I think only cameaway with some bird seed!
Aint Freegle great!

Vicky x