Thursday, 11 February 2010

Puffin island

After looking around the buildings at Penmon, we carried on down the lane to the beach, where you get a clear view of Puffin Island. This is an uninhabited island that is protected because of the huge colony of thousands of sea birds that live there, landing is only allowed on this island by special permission of the owner.

The island has approximately 12 species of seabirds living on it. These include guillimots, razorbills, cormorants, kittiwakes and of course puffins. The puffin population was almost killed off when rats were accidentally introduced over there in the late 19th century. There is also chance you might see grey seals or if you're really lucky bottlenose dolphins or harbour dolphins. Boat trips are a popular way to enjoy the colony of birds to the fullest. There are also some ruins of monastic buildings left and it is reported that St Seirion could have been buried there.

There is also a lighthouse just off Penmon Point, this was built soon after 1831 when a steamship The Pioneer ran aground, due to the treacherous waters between Penmon Point and Puffin Island. This was booming away the day we were there as it was quite misty.



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