Friday, 5 February 2010

Neglecting my blog

Whoops I seem to be neglecting my blog lately. I seem to have lost my motivation for pretty much everything lately, not sure why ...but if anyone finds it can they direct it back to me please.

It's been a couple of quiet weeks here, nothing particularly interesting going on and no wanders in the car to take photo's either. My sleep pattern which is always all over the place, seems to have got even worse this last few weeks. I usually have no problems getting to sleep, but lately I can't even seem to manage that. I'm not getting to sleep till about 2am and then waking up again around 5am. This means I'm constantly tired of course. Even when I manage to grab another hour so so later in the day, I'm still left with that worn out feeling all the time.

There's reports on the news there's going to be another really cold spell coming up shortly. I'd already been checking this out on a weather forum I use. It's still not 100% dead cert, but then nothing is with the weather until it actually happens. But even if the snow doesn't get here, the cold almost certainly will, so maybe some interesting photo opportunities.

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Ashley Amanda said...

I happened to stumble across your blog and found that the exact same thing has been happening to me. I think its the monotony of the cold weather, early mornings and corporate bull crap that I put up with. I have to force myself to take me time and enjoy yoga, photography or a good book. Maybe we can help each other find our motivation again. :-)