Monday, 29 June 2009

Yet another week wizzes by

Yet another week has wizzed by, I just can't believe how fast time is going lately. This week has passed by in a whirl of working on the commissioned guitar and grabbing a bit of sunshine when I can.

The guitar is coming along well, and so it should be the amount of hours I'm putting into it !! I've now finished 2/3rds of the side of it now. The back of the neck is something I'm almost dreading now as I know it's going to be a long and time consuming process, to cut the tiny pieces of glass I'll need, and to get them to mould around the curve of the neck. Any further commissions of guitars will not include this option that's for sure. I'm pretty sure this guitar is bigger than the last one I did as it's taking an incredible amount of glass to do it.

My oldest daughter and her family came to visit over the weekend. We had a brilliant time. While other parts of the country had thunder storms we had hot sunny weather. So we took advantage of this to go to a couple of our favourite beaches, and go paddling in the sea. My son in law shocked my daughter by stripping off to his boxers, so he could run in the sea and throw my grand daughter in head first, that was really funny. Their visit meant I had to do the guitar very early in the mornings and late into the night to keep to the schedule I've made for myself. But it was well worth it :o)


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