Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hot hot hot

My posts have been a bit thin on the ground these last few days. This is partly due to me working flat out on this guitar commission, and partly due to the very hot weather we've been having.

The guitar is coming on well, and I'm quite pleased with how it's looking. Although I am questioning my wisdom of using such a large abstract design on it as this has meant cutting a lot of individual pieces of glass that have to be cut very accurately to fit within the design .... if that makes any sense lol. Luckily, I've been able to work outside doing the guitar which was an added bonus, as I would have hated to have been cooped up inside during such lovely weather.

Mind you the hot weather combined with my lingering bronchitis did cause me to have a bit of a wobble on Sunday. My daughter and I decided to go to the little beach we found, all was ok on the way there although I got a bit breathless. But on the way back, the heat aggravated my asthma and I was struggling to breathe. This was a horrible feeling and at one point I doubted if I was going to get back to the car at all. With loads of stops I did eventually get to the car, but I don't mind saying it really frightened me and I felt very close to having a panic attack, which I also got last time I had bronchitis too. Never have I been so glad to get back home, this little episode left me feeling out of sorts for the rest of the day. I hope today's visit to the doctors will get me some more effective antibiotics, as I want rid of this bronchitis.

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