Sunday, 21 June 2009

Time flies by

It seems impossible that a week has already gone by since I was at the Peace Festival last week. Where has the time gone ??

The whole time has been spent either working on the guitar, taking the dog for a walk or sleeping it seems. Apart from one day where I ventured into Bangor with my daughter, to look for something to wear at my sons wedding. No joy there though, the one skirt I did like was £35, no chance of me spending that much on a skirt alone !! But while we were there we bought my son in law a little pressie to say say thank you, for rescuing our dog who escaped while we stayed at his house last weekend. As it was so hot last weekend and because no one would be home for hours, I thought it might be a good idea for our dog to stay outside while we were gone. The garden is fenced all round, there would be plenty of shade for him and he could go to the loo whenever he wanted,eat and drink when he wanted, much better than staying in the house all day I thought. How wrong was I !!!

We were on our way back to Bromsgrove after the festival finished, when we got a phone call from my son in law Sparky, saying the dog has escaped and there was no sign of him. My daughter Jenny who lives with me immediately burst into tears and said there was no way we were going home without him !! Even though I was worried sick because I know our dog has got no road sense at all, I kept it together and was trying form a plan action for when we got back. After about 20 mins there was another phone call, my son in law had found him !!

The relief prompted another flood of tears from Jenny and a huge sigh of relief from me. Sparky had driven around and found our much loved Zaccy in the back of the dog wardens van, who was just getting ready to take him to the dog pound !! The dog had apparently been wandering around for best part of 5 hrs and had been seen in various streets in and around where we were staying. I can't even begin to imagine what was going through the dogs mind, he must have thought we'd abandoned him ...the guilt was terrible. The dog was overjoyed to see us, and licked every tear off Jennys face, and this was from a dog that very rarely licks anyone and a daughter that very rarely cries either, a very touching scene.

The whole thing had obviously traumatised the dog, as he was very reluctant to go outside after that. We literally had to take him outside and stay with him, while he did his business. As soon as we moved to go inside he was by our side, awww bless. Luckily once we got home to Angelsey again, he seemed ok again, but this was an experience I never want to go through again with him, the outcome could have been so very different than it turned out. Sparky as always played down his role in rescuing the dog, that's just the type of guy he is. But there's not many people that would have gone out searching for a dog, after a full day out racing his nitro car, picking up his younger daughter, then coming to the Peace Festival to pick up and drop off two of my grandsons in different places !! So to Sparky a HUGE THANK YOU !! Our daft old dog means the world to us. I'm sorry about the fence the dog destroyed to escape through too.

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