Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Time marches on.

Time marches on and I keep getting distracted from writing on my blog, on a daily basis, like i usually do. But life's busy at the moment and something has to take a back seat.

A trip back to the doctors has resulted in me being sent for a x ray and being given a course of steroids ...6 a day to be taken all at once grrrrrr !!! This is due to take place on Thurs afternoon, I might just accidentally on purpose forget to go I think. I'm happier in my ignorance.

The front main part of the guitar is finished now, and I'm doing the beading up the neck of it now. This is a very time consuming, slow process as I use tiny seed beads, each of which has to be thread onto a very thin line for each seperate line of beads to keep them in place until I grout the guitar.

Today was our once fortnightly shopping day, which myself and my daughter usually hate with a passion. But today for a change I decided that maybe a trip out to Asda in Llandudno might make a nice change. I spent more money than usual I think, but we've got a few different dinners for a change. I also bought some hallomi cheese which I'd been told about over the weekend. This is a greek cheese which you can toast or fry and it stays solid. So tonight for my dinner I fried some of this cheese, with a salad of lambs lettuce, beetroot and some other type of lettuce that escapes me lol.

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