Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gorgeous weather

Yesterday saw a return to some lovely sunny weather. With my bronchitus slowly starting to disapear, I thought now would be a good time to start my walking back up again. That little plan almost went out the window when I had an asthma attack just as we were leaving the house. But by the time we'd got a few things done, and got to the beach, I felt ok again.

So with my trusty old dog by my side I went for short walk to the sea edge. As it looked so inviting I couldn't resist going in for a paddle with him. I managed to get my skirt and my bag ( which I'd taken with me for some unknown reason ) wet, but the sea was lovely so who cares !!!

The mosaic guitar is coming along nicely, and I spent yesterday afternoon sitting in the garden in the sun, cutting even more small pieces of stained glass.It's a boring and thankless task and sometimes even gets painful if I do a lot of glass cutting, but it has to be done. On this guitar the client has requested that the back of the neck is also mosaiced, so I will have to cut some specially sized pieces to follow the curve of it, that will be a challenge on it's own. But the customer is always right as they say.

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