Thursday, 25 December 2008

What a surprise it's Christmas day

Surprise , surprise it's Christmas day lol. Is it any different from any other one in our house ....nahhh not really. The only difference is that I've got a gammon joint boiling away on the cooker. Apart from that it's just the same as any other day, the dogs lying full length in front of me, snoring his head off lol. My daughter's still fast asleep in her bedroom, but she is 25 so the days of waking up early for Christmas are long gone.

We're not really into the whole big turkey dinner either, hence the gammon joint. I decided many years ago that I didnt want to spend all day cooking. As none of the family particulary liked turkey with all the trimmings, it was quite an easy decision lol.

As I sit here happily typing, my heart goes out to all those people who are having to spend the day with family they don't see from years end to the next, and who they don't even like that much either. Yet because it's "Christmas" they feel that they should carry on with the tradition !! I've never been one who likes to conform, so why should I be any different today lol.

As a treat for this so called special day we were going to have the heating on all day, but it's so mild there seems little point. Although when my daughter does eventually wake up she'll probably want it on, as she always seems to be cold anyway.

The sunrise reflecting on the partly frozen pond near Newborough Forest.


A view of some of the mountains on Snowdon looking across Lake Ogwen.


One of the things I really enjoy photographing is fungi. The beauty of these lovely things are often overlooked by people, which I think is a terrible shame.


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ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

hi Jane

happy xmas love your pics ,photography is so much fun

got to get my act together and get to the garage

just got in touch with a friend from 1979 army days

laptops are mad eh ha ha x