Sunday, 28 December 2008

Safe and sound

Well we arrived safe and sound yesterday at my daughter Emma's, but oh those motorways and traffic jams what a nightmare !! There's two things that I don't enjoy in life one is travelling on the motorway and the other is travelling at night, both scare me lol. Travelling at night and on the motorway is a double whammy and something I avoid at all costs.

My younger daughter Jenny, who does all the driving has put a new alert on her sat nav for when she's speeding, much to her amusement it makes me jump out of my skin !! It sounds like one of those air horns the huge lorrys have, when I first heard it I was almost expecting to see an irate lorry driver pull alongside us, waving his fists at us.

I think we'll be going off doing something today, as my son in law is off racing his petrol remote car at the track all day. I've looked online and found a couple of places we could go nearby. So hopefully photo's and more ramblings later.

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ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

so glad you arrived ok

totally agree about the roads down south