Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My very first blog entry

Well hello everyone, I've often read people's blogs and found them really interesting and toyed with the idea of doing one myself..but as I live a very quiet life I wondered if I'd ever write anything that would be remotely interesting to anyone else lol.

But here I am waffling away..... I live on a small island off the coast of North Wales. Lack of mobility and lack of transport means I spend many many hours at home. To stop myself going entirely insane I fill my time doing various arts and crafts using many different mediums. My first love is working with glass, sometimes it's fused glass, sometimes stained glass but most recently it's been glass mosaics. The mosaics first started out because I was running low on bigger pieces of glass to work with. So in my wisdom or ...... madness, I decided that it would be good idea to cut all these off cuts of glass into tiny 1/4" squares. Hmmm hundreds of squares later, with cuts galore and sore fingers from scoring so much glass, I often wonder if that was such a good decision lol. As I get more used to this blog lark I'll start adding photo's and you'll be able to see whether it was a good idea or not !!

I started drawing as a child, and can clearly remember my mom having a go at my dad, when he used to bring home paper from work for me to draw on lol. Thank god he ignored her, art and crafts have helped me keep my own identity and sanity for many years now lol. Now after two marriages, two long term relationships, and 8 kids my art and crafts is still as rewarding as it ever was. I've turned my hand to many forms of art, including pastels, oil painting, glass painting, silk painting, water colours, china painting, and decorated mirrors. Sometimes I would see things in shops that I liked but could never afford, so I would go home and try making them for myself. These ramblings will probably include some haphazard tutorials of various crafts, so that hopefully others might try new things out.

A close up of the front of my latest mosaic. Which is exhibited at our local glass gallery.

The gallery owner wanted me to do a guitar mosaiced all over this time. The sides were a real pain to do lol.

Finished at last, this took many many days to complete and almost beat me a few times I have to admit. But I got there in the end.


ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

bloody hell well done ,go for it jane show the world your wonderful craft
all the best with the blog

ps your Dad was a star

andy x & mel x clan x

beadbabe49 said...

what andy said and WOW!