Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The day before Christmas

Well it's Christmas Eve, and to mark the occasion my house is actually tidy for a change lol. Yes folks, I cleared away all my crafty stuff, and did that thing I really hate ...housework !! Even the word fills me with dread lol, it must be the most boring thing in the world. I never have and I never will get any pleasure from having a neat, tidy, polished, sparkling house, it's just totally alien to me. I'd much rather spend the time doing something useful or constructive, well actually it doesn't have to be either of those things, I'd just rather do anything other than housework lol. The only time I willingly plug the hoover in, is to get up the tiny bits of glass that end up on the carpet ...and that's only cos I don't want the dog to get it in his paws !!

I'm itching to get started on one of two projects I've got in mind. The first is to mosaic a pair of Doc Marten boots, and the other is to mosiac the top half of a female dummy I used to use when I did Ebay. Both will be very tricky because they've got so many curves on them, which I'm sure will drive me nuts just as the guitar did, I finished recently. But that won't stop me having a go. If I do the boots first, it means I've got to figure out a way of making the leather rigid rigid first. The best idea for that, was thought of by my daughter, who suggested I paper mache the inside of the boots. I could just pour a load of plaster inside I suppose, but then the boots would weigh a ton. Either way it'll probably take ages for the boots to be ready, and I like to just get on with things so I'll probably do the dummy first. Hmmm just had a thought, maybe I should take photo's as I go along, to include on this blog...yes I'll do that later I think......

My other main hobby besides crafty stuff is photography. There's nothing I love more than capturing nature at it's best. I particularly like taking weather photo's the harsher the weather, the better I like it. As we live by the sea, I love it when the wind picks up and the waves start crashing about. I've got a favourite spot about 1/2 mile away from where we live, when the winds in the right direction the waves hit a 12ft wide wall called the Breakwater and crash over the top, sometimes the wall completely dissapears with the tons of sea that hits it. Sadly as we live so close to the sea, it's very mild here so we rarely get any frosts and snow is even rarer. So I'm really looking forward to going to the Highlands at the beginning of Feb to see my online friends Andy and Mel. This being the first time I've ever met them in person, I'm pretty nervous, as meeting new people is something I find really hard. But if we get on half as well for real as we do online, I'll be a very happy bunny. I'm hoping that there will be some snow when I go there, as it's been a lifetimes dream to visit Scotland, and even better that I'm going in the winter.... my favourite time of the year !!

This is the Breakwater, if you look closely you can see a red van in the centre of this photo. The driver and his son were extremely lucky to survive, they'd stupidly gone to the end of the Breakwater which is about 1 mile long, to fish and didnt realise the danger they were putting themselves in. What you can't see on the photo is the lifeboat that had to escort them off, as they could have so easily been swept into the sea. I've lived on the coast for the last 12 yrs and it still never ceases to amaze me how little respect people give to something so powerful as the sea.


A snowy scene from the Snowdonia mountains a few years ago. How beautiul is that ?


A gorgeous sunrise taken from just outside a little village called Hermon on Anglesey.

One of my favourite photo's, I'm not sure what caused the rainbow trails but I suspect it was a slug lol.

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ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

wow it is so good watching your blog evolve.
we are the same about meeting people but as you say we have all got on so well i know it will be magic

and i am praying to the snow gods ha ha

keep up the great work