Tuesday, 30 December 2008

More waffling on

I wasn't going to write on here today, because although we had a great day yesterday meeting up with family and friends, it was nothing I thought would be of much interest to anyone reading my blog.

But then I changed my mind and decided to ramble on for a bit anyway. I don't usually make any New Year resolutions but I think I'm going to make one at least this year. It's to find more outlets for mine and my daughters glass work and also to fire up our own little kiln and see how much this would cost. At present we pay to use a huge kiln that belongs to someone else, this is all good in theory but in practise it can be annoying to have to wait till it's convienent and not being used by it's owner. Also it doesn't give us chance to do test pieces either.

At present our stuff is sold on a commission basis through a gallery, the gallery owner adds 40% on top for selling through his gallery and then a further 15% is added for vat. Which in laymans terms means roughly if I want £6 for my little stained glass angels then they have to sell in the gallery for £12, which is one heck of a mark up on the price. With the credit crunch hitting as it is, I really can't see people paying that much for a little 4" high angel, no matter how posh the shop is and no matter how pretty the angel is either !! So I need to put my business head and think of new ways to sell our stuff without it having loads of commission on the top !!

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