Thursday, 14 January 2010

Two close shaves

On our way back from Llandudno yesterday, I thought it might be interesting to go a route different than the A55. It took us through a bit of countryside that we hadn't been through before. As it happens it lead to a road that my daughter recognised we'd been down before...that was a miracle on it's own, as my daughters memory is not the best lol. As we were driving along we both caught sight of an interesting piece of tree root on a bank at the side of the road. we screeched to a halt at the nearest pull in, and my daughter leaped out of the car camera in hand. What a beautiful piece of wood it was too, a root we think, the tree long gone. But it had the most amazing knots and gnarls in it which made it look really mystical, and we saw faces and alsorts in it. It must have been quite an impressive tree in it's time as the root was about 4ft wide and 6ft high. How I wish it wasn't attached to the earth, as it would have looked amazing in my hallway lol.

As we trundled on, we ended up going through Betws Co-ed, and I said to my daughter we could go and have a look at a forest park I like on the outskirts. We turned into the road that leads up to it and were faced with solid snow. Throwing caution to the wind, my daughter gamely tried to get her little car up the road we got about 10ft up it, before the car started slipping and sliding all over the place lol. Defeated, she went into reverse to get us out of there, the car started sliding from side to side on the ice under the snow, it was quite scary as she had little control over where it went, and there were small gulley's on both sides of the road, that would have been a nightmare to get out of. Luck was with us and we managed to get back on the main road again, both of us laughing with relief.

Once back on Anglesey, we headed for the beach near Plas Coch, to let our dog have his run. On our way back up the road, we spotted a lane we always said we'd go and explore, so off we went. The first part of the little lane was fine, but much longer than we thought it was. We came to a fork, one way looked like it led to a couple of isolated houses so we went the other way. That was a BIG mistake !! The lane ...well maybe calling it a lane is a bit of an exaggeration, dirt track might be a better description.

Anyway this track was getting very muddy and the ridge in the middle of the road where tractors had obviously gone, was scraping the bottom of my daughters car. We had no choice but to carry on as the track was so narrow. We reached a bend, where we could just about turn around. My daughter said shall we turn round or go on, foolishly we decided to go on .... a few feet further on and there was a loud noise of metal hitting rock, fearing the worst my daughter jumped out to see if her exhaust was still attached ( not for the first time recently !! ) it was, but worried about causing some actual damage as we reversed,I offered to get out in hopes that the car wouldn't be quite so low to the ground. Once I opened the car door and saw the sea of deep mud I regretted my offer, but with a bit of help from my daughter I managed to find somewhere to stand while she reversed off whatever we'd hit and turn the car round. Once out of that little scrape, we gingerly renegotiated the track back to firmer ground, laughingly saying we were going to be a bit more select at these little lanes we keep going down in hopes of finding something really interesting to photograph !!!

Photo's of the wood can be found on my photo blog.


Anonymous said...

Saw this thought of you, although I must say I do think your work is far superior. But I thought you ight like to see it.

Glad you ok as well.
much love

Jane said...

Thanks for that link Lucky, yeah there's a lot of people that do similar mosaics to those. I prefer to use much smaller pieces of glass than them, as that's what makes my stuff that bit different and hopefully makes it stand out in the sea of mosaic artists there are out there.

I'm trying to build up enough stock to start my own website. At the moment it's hard going to get myself motivated because I had quite a lengthy break over Xmas, on hindsight that was a mistake lol.

Jane x