Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Just a short blog

Just a short post on my blog to let my regular readers know I haven't fell off the side of the earth, it's just my life is pretty quiet at the moment. I seem to have lost the motivation with my mosaic work, and the arthritis in my hands has hampered my photography a little too. Also the dull grey weather, isn't very inspiring for taking photo's, so my other blog has also suffered a little. But there are a few signs that spring, is just around the corner. Although I don't think winter has finished with us yet !!

I took 4 photo's of snowdrops peeping out the ground yesterday and each one was a little out of focus. I think this was partly due to pain in my hands and partly due to the fact we shouldn't have been on the little road we were on in the first place, so I wanted to get photo's taken and get away as soon as we could lol.

It seems that some parts of the UK are due snow again today, but as usual it's going to miss us :o( At 5 am this morning when I got up, the temperature was a balmy 6 degree's way too warm for snow.

When we went to take our dog out for his usual walk on Monday, we got into conversation with a lovely old guy, who was also taking his dogs out. As soon as he got out of his van I said to my daughter, I bet he's had an interesting life, and I wasn't far wrong either. We sat listening to tales of his life for a good two hours, it was fasinating. Some of his stories confirmed what I'd already guessed about the depth of corruption, going on in this world.

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