Friday, 8 January 2010

Good little adventure

My daughter and I had a good little adventure yesterday. We decided to go off down a little lane, hoping to get some good close ups of snowy plants. We didn't really get any of those, but I got what I think is my best photo yet of a buzzard sat on a wall just in front of us. There was no time to make sure everything was in focus etc, so I just clicked and hoped for the best. I was very lucky and it looked good even on the little lcd screen.

After that we were on the hunt for more buzzards, as my daughter also wanted to get the chance to photograph one. Sure enough we spotted another one, but it saw us before we saw him and flew away. So we inched our way along the snowy iced up lane, scanning every tree and hedgerow in sight. But no luck, word must have gone out there was a couple of nutters on the look out lol.

We'd inched out way about 1/2 mile or so when my daughter got a phone call off a mate, so she pulled up, I had the window wide open looking for things to photograph, when I realised all the exhaust fumes were coming through the window !! I told my daughter to turn the engine off, when she did smoke or steam continued to come up from around the car...that was a bit scary I can tell you. I know from my own experience that Peugeot's tend to overheat when driven slowly for any length of time, so I thought that might be it. There was also a weird noise that neither of could recognise, fearing the worst we decided we better get off this lonely little track and head for somewhere a bit more populated just incase.

The next obstacle in our way was a steepish incline, by this time the snow and ice was deeper and it was catching on the cars exhaust, which also made quite a ominous noise too, so my daughter jumped out to make sure it was still attached to the car !! It was lol, so we made our way up the slope slowly and got the top with no more mishaps. Then it was off as quick as we dare go to the nearest village. Once we'd got a bit of speed up and had the heater going full blast all the odd noises stopped ...phew lol !!!

Even though I've posted this photo on my photo blog I'm going to put it on here too because I'm so proud of it :o) lol


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Wow! cool photo! You were lucky, usually they are off like a shot!
Hope your keeping warm.
Vicky x