Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Whatever happened to cellophane !!

For the last few days I've been trying to find some coloured cellophane to use on a project. I've checked florist shops, craft shops, cheap shops, stationery shops and yet none of them seem to sell it any more. I can get clear cellophane with flowers, stars, father christmases, easter eggs but NO coloured plain stuff, how strange and pretty annoying too. I got so desperate I even considered buying one of those Christmas tins of chocolates that are wrapped individually in cellophane, but that seems a bit extreme, especially as me nor my daughter are particularly fond of Quality Street lol.

On the upside, some really pretty glass tiles arrived from America little treat to myself. Why buy glass from USA I hear you asking, well basically because it's considerably cheaper to buy them from there, than here in the UK even with the extra postage costs. Also America seems to have a huge choice of products for doing mosaics compared to the UK too, which is quite a shame really, I would far prefer to buy British but not at the inflated prices they charge.

Coming back down the island yesterday, the mountinas looked amazing, even more snow has fallen since we went up there the other day. Just our luck we went too soon lol.

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What do you need cellophane for? Does it have to be coloured? I have a huge industrial sized roll of the stuff (under my bed - where else!lol!) but its clear, a bit old fashioned yellow-y but clear. You can have some if it will do. Have you triedthe new crafty place in the Holland Arms Garden Centre?

Vicky x