Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A couple of busy days

The last two days have been a bit busy. Last nite I decided to start doing a new style mirror with the much hunted for cellophane !!! One thing I found out was that it's very difficult to stick down and even harder to get the glue to dry, 24 hrs later and some of it still hasn't dried. Good job I'm in no rush for this particular mirror. First thing this morning, I started to get things organised ( don't laugh those that know me ) to do a new blog, this one is going to be just for photo's taken with my new camera.

Today saw us going off to the wonderful world of manic buying at our local Tesco store. Almost every parking spot was taken, apart from an odd one of two 1/2 mile away in the far corner.There was no way we were going to park there as it was very icy, and me falling over is not the way we intended to go !! So round and round we went until at last we spotted someone pulling out, at last we got into the supermarket. What a sight .... throngs of people everywhere you looked, trolleys piled almost up to the ceiling, kids crying, parents looking frazzled and each and every ailse was full of trolleys, it was like trying to navigate a slalem course lol. As we went round getting our usual store cupboard items, I noticied pretty quickly that almost everything has had a price hike, especially in the fresh veg department, up to 50p on some items, shame on you Tesco's don't you make enough profit out of us as it is !!!

Once the shopping was done, it was time to let the dog have his walk before we went to unload all the shopping. It was sods law that as we sat there a gorgeous fat robin, straight off a Christmas card by the look of it, sat down on a post right by us. Of course I hadn't got my brand new camera as I didn't want to risk leaving it in the car while we went shopping, so as Mr Robin posed first sideways and then a full frontal, we cursed the fact my camera was safely at home !!

Once home it was the battle to get all the veg in the fridge, mainly because of our christmas dinner a nice smoked gammon joint. No matter which way or what I tried to get everything in, the door just wouldn't shut. So out it all came, and seeing as our outhouse is probably colder than the fridge, a lot of veggies were relegated to sitting on one of my art cupboards.

After a quick egg mayo roll, it was time to start my last Christmas present, what it is will stay under wraps, just on the off chance the person it's intended for happens to pop along to my blog :o)

If I don't happen to have time to write again before Christmas, I'll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to my regular readers and I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.

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Yes indeedy! i did the manic tesco thing today - i swear it put years on me. All they are making is a glorified roast dinner, and the shops only closed for a day!
Anyway, musnt grumble - you have a nice christmas, i intend to!

Vicky x