Friday, 14 October 2011

Copper embossing

This last few days, after a very long period of artistic block I had a go at copper embossing. We've had a sheet of copper hanging around the house for more years than I can remember, but after Jim had helped me sort out my outhouse, which doubles as an extra big art cupboard, I spotted this tube of copper sheet, and thought I'll have a go at that soon !! Just for once I actually did have a go at it.

My design was as usual an abstract one, and seeing as our sheet of copper was only small, I made do with a panel 2" wide by 6" long. It doesn't sound very big, but I've filled the space quite nicely I think. The copper was medium weight, which meant you had to press quite hard (well I did) to get the design nice and clear. The fun bit started when I decided to heat treat this little work of art. It was good fun watching rainbow colours appear the more I heated up the copper. It was also very random and quickly overheated and went a dull silver grey colour !! After using good old Google, I found that I could immerse the copper in lemon juice and it would take off any patina good or bad, and I could start all over again, which I've done a couple of times now. One problem I read about online is that unless you seal the panel, the patina will lose all the beautiful rainbow colours. Luckily I had some Briwax, and that has I hope stopped the dulling process.

The only downside to the embossing is that it made the arthritis in my hand flare up, and at one point I could barely move it without being in considerable pain. But 4 days later and it's eased off again, so I shall have another go later on today. I've enjoyed doing messing with this so much, my oldest daughter is going to buy me some more copper sheet for my birthday next Friday.

Talking of my birthday, my family in the Midlands is coming on the Saturday and we are going to have a few drinks to celebrate, actually it'll probably be more than a few drinks lol, and then a couple more days going go carting and hopefully fishing as well, weather permitting. Jim was planning to come down too and meet some of my rather large family (poor him lol), but unfortunately due to the unexpected illness of an elderly relative who he helps care for, this hangs in the balance at the moment. Fingers crossed, he'll make it down for my birthday at least, but if not, I'm sure we'll be able to share plenty of other birthdays together.

Did anyone else see that beautiful rainbow halo around the moon on Wednesday night/ early Thursday morning ? I got up early Thursday morning as usual, and when I went to let the dog out, I looked up and saw the full moon surrounded by a beautiful rainbow halo, which had a whitish circle around that, and to the left of the moon was an extremely bright star too. I rushed to get my camera to try and capture this stunning sight, and thought I did. But later on when I downloaded the photo's I hadn't managed to catch it, I was gutted and a little puzzled too, it was only later that I realised I had an ultra violet filter on my camera at the time, I wonder if that was what spoilt my efforts, does anyone know ? Please leave a comment if you do.

I'm going to add a photo of the copper embossing, if I can get a decent photo at the right angle to show the patina, so watch this spot !! As promised here is a photo of the embossed panel, sadly it's a very poor photo, it hardly shows up the pink patina on the copper. I'll have a go at another better photo another day.


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