Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Quiet times and off again soon

It's been pretty quiet in my world since the last post. But I've been busy none the less, the good weather meant we spent quite a lot of time in the garden, and I've managed to sow some veggie seeds, albeit in pots rather than the actual garden, which is too small. So hopefully some time soon I should see a couple of courgette plants rear their heads, some french beans ( which might be planted against the new fence ) some carrots and finally some spring onions. I also did 5 small pots of flowers, but I'm dammed if I can remember what kind they were now lol. Outside my kitchen window there's a long ago redundant coal bunker, but the bunker itself has become a storage spot for things that don't mind getting damp, and the top of it has become my nursery garden. It's packed with pots and seed trays of all different sorts of flowers, ready to be planted out when they get big enough.

Last Saturday we went off to Benllech car boot, still a bit early in the season for it to be packed with car booters, but I got 3 books and 4 vest tops for the summer anyway. Sunday saw us at Mona car boot, and this was pretty quiet too considering it was bank holiday, the only thing I bought there was a pile of big pots for the garden for £3.

We're off on our travels again on Thurs, down to my daughters in Bromsgrove again. Her hubby wants my other daughter to give him a hand doing a couple of driving jobs. While we're there, it'll off to see my son Ben and our friends Martin and Mandy. Martins going to put some more memory in our pc's and do something else with them ( which I can't remember lol ) and is also going to reformat them both, as they are both running at a snails pace !! Saturday I'm going off to spend some time with my friend on his barge again, as luckily he's still in the area. Also they'll probably be some visits to other friends in our old home town of Leamington Spa, I think one of them wants my daughter to do a tattoo for them. Talking of tattoo's I've been trying to design a tattoo for my hand, I've drawn two so far and they'll probably be lots more drawings yet before I'm finally satisfied with it lol.

Photo's today are of some lovely macro shots my daughter took in the garden.

First a pretty odd looking wasp which had a beak like a duck lol.


Next a poppy past it's best, but which I found very attractive still.


A pretty but rather tatty moth lol, I seem to enjoy things that aren't picture perfect don't I lol.


Finally one of many bee's that are enjoying our bluebells.


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