Friday, 14 May 2010

Home Sweet Home

After a long fairly slow drive back from the Midlands we're home again !! My pc is now rejuvenated with a much bigger hard drive and loads more memory thanks to my son Ben and friend Martin. Just need to get the home phone sorted out now, then I'm going to get on at BT as we've got a stupidly low download speed here. Martin also managed to fix my camera for me too while we were visiting, I felt really lost without the telephoto lens, it was like part of me was missing lol.

The weather wasn't very kind to us while we were visiting, it was either raining or too windy sit out in my daughters garden, which was very disappointing. I was praying that it'd be raining here at home too, so my seedlings didn't suffer. From the look of the garden there hasn't been much rain here though, but my seedlings survived thank goodness. The damp weather made the arthritis in my joints hurt too, and I really missed all the little things round here that makes, my life so much easier.

Being back home again was slightly spoiled, as when I got back the phone bill was on the mat. This has scuppered my plans to go back down to the Midlands for Birmingham Gay Pride in a couple of weeks. But I can't work miracles and only have so much money to go round for bills etc.

I'm looking forward to getting on with the mosaic I'm going to do for outside the front door. I've been longing to get back to this since I went to my daughters, but as she has a very lively 3 yr old around, there was no way I could take anything to get on with lol. But now I can get stuck into it again, although we're expecting visitors ourselves this weekend.

No photo's this time as my camera was out of action.

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