Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Quick catch up

Just a quick catch up for the last few weeks, since I last wrote on this here blog :-) The terrible weather that seems to have plagued the north continues, and I really have given hope of us having anything like a half decent summer.

In between plodding along doing stained glass angels and sun catchers, we have managed to get out and about a little bit. The usual ambles along the river and the canal of course then one day we decided to risk going to a place called Crock o Lune,somewhere that was at the very limit of my batteries. Off we set, and we were almost there when Jim decided to show me a lovely weir just off the cycle track, we'd just got to the bottom of quite a rough and pretty steep path, when all of a sudden there was an all mighty bang, it sounded almost like gunshot. We immediately started looking at the scooter, no smoke, no smell of burning can't be the scooter then we thought. Jim took the seat off just to double check, but no all looked well. After a little while of sitting by the weir and enjoying the little bit of sunshine that was showing it's face we decided it was time to finish our journey. I got on the scooter went to turn it round, and THEN discovered what the bang was ....the tyre on the front of my scooter had popped !! I wasn't concerned, Jim unlike me is the organised type and we always carry pretty much everything we might need in case of an emergencies.

The scooter got tipped over against a handy gate the little tool bag fetched from my rucksack on the back of the scooter, then disaster :-( When Jim had given the scooter a well needed service the day before, he'd forgotten to put the screwdriver back in the bag, without that, there was no way he could get the wheel off. Decisions decisions, should Jim bike back home and leave me there or should we try to get home on a flat tyre. Because I was in quite a secluded place we decided just to be on the safe side we'd get back on the cycle track and try to make it to the car park about 400yds down the road, much safer for me there as it was quite busy and then Jim would go home and get the inner tube that we'd bought the day before but I had stupidly left on the settee at home !! While we sat and had a quick roll up, I spotted someone who looked like he might have a screwdriver on him..... Jim went  to ask and he did, whooo no problem now a 10 minute job and we'd back on our way again. All done and dusted we thought, off we went heading for home, 10 mins later the tyre had gone down again. We decided this time to just go for it, with me leaning over to the right to hopefully keep a bit of my weight off the flat tyre. We did eventually get home and decided that despite what had happened we'd had a lovely day anyways.

Well that's enough ramblings for one night. Here's various photo's taken over the last few weeks.

A visit to a summer fair in aid of some kind of  wildlife charity found the next two lovely creatures.



Jim posing on our way to Crook o Lune


The tree's in the centre of this next photo, are reknowned for this area. They're known as the upside down tree's, simply because for some reason it was decided to plant them upside down lol.


This is a photo I took of the weir at the bottom of our road, after a particularly heavy rainy day with the sun briefly shinning on it.


This last photo shows the cause of all our problems lol.




Thank you so much MM for dropping by my blog and taking the time to read and leave a comment. I really do appreciate it.

Hasn't the weather been awful - I have escaped to France, but we've just had torrential rain here too the last few days. Down in the south west it often mirrors what's going on along the Atlantic coast of England - but is usually a bit warmer at least!

Glad you got home safely after you eventful trip out - and congratulations to you and Jim for your first anniversary. How wonderful that you have found that someone special :-)

Kath said...

beautiful photos, I especially enjoyed the woodland.