Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lots of photo's of my latest creations

Lots of photo's of my latest creations for you today, just so you know I haven't been sitting around idle lol. Hasn't the weather been amazing this week. Just a shame I spent most of the time sitting inside doing all the things in the photo's for a craft fair today. Sadly the weather was so hot, people didn't want to wander round a craft fair, but it didn't matter I had a great laugh with the lady I shared a stall with. Starting with my trademark some mosaics, next two heat treated embossed copper panels, then a new line for me, stained glass panels with air plants. These air plants need no soil, just a dunk in water a couple of times a week. And finally some pen and ink drawings. DSC00055 DSC00058 DSC00060 DSC00061 DSC00063 DSC00051 DSC00053 DSC00049 DSC00047 DSC00046 DSC00043 DSC00042 DSC00040 DSC00066 DSC00065 DSC00068 DSC00071 DSC00074

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