Wednesday, 11 April 2012

So hard ......

It seems so hard to keep up with my blog these days :( I've even thought of just deleting it so I don't have it niggling at the back of my mind. But then I'd lose some of the posts that hold very happy memories for me.

Life with me is ticking over very nicely, looking back on my last post it's hard to believe how many things we've been up to since then lol. A surprise visit my daughter Jenny, which was lovely. Jim knew and kept it secret from me, very successfully too, there was a few clues such as him buying white bread ( we never eat white bread lol ) and yet I still never clicked on .....dohhh me. But it was so worth it, seeing her smiling face come through the door was just amazing, I do miss her so much.

Another surprise ...not for me this time but my oldest son. It was his 40th birthday and his girlfriend Georgie had somehow managed to arrange a party inviting loads of people, did all the catering and still he never suspected a thing lol. What a party it was too, the best one I've ever been too, and I've been to a lot over the years. More party's to go to this month too, Jim's youngest daughter Mary is having an engagement party on the 21st of this month, then the next day we've been invited to christening and another do afterwards !!

My oldest daughter Emma, her husband and youngest daughter came to visit over Easter. We were very lucky and the rain that was forecast held off, so while they were here Jim went off for a bike ride with my son in law, and this has resulted in my son in law getting the bug for mountain biking again. Mind you it doesn't surprise me, Jim's passion for mountain biking is big enough to rub off on anyone lol.

We've been very busy around the house too, Jim's always wanted a room for pc repairs, and as the spare room had been used for shoving junk in for the last god knows how many years, we had quite a task on our hands lol. Just as we'd got it almost all sorted, Jim decided to clear out the big cupboard in the front room which housed all his PA equipment from his sound engineer days, what a mistake that was !! As he started pulling out speakers, sounds decks etc etc, the floor started to collapse under him. Once he'd managed to get most of his stuff out, he realised that some time years ago, some idiot had blocked the air vent up on the outside and had stopped the air flow into the cupboard. So now we have a very very damp cupboard, this has destroyed the floor boards and also 3 joists, so a major job to get that sorted we think.

I finished the large abstract painting I was doing for the front room, and also some embossed copper panels for in the front room too. So it's all starting to take shape gradually. My latest project is 3 panels done from wood chippings, sounds odd I expect, but all will be revealed in due course. I'm on the last panel now, so it shouldn't be too long before they are all finished.

No photo's this time, I just haven't uploaded any from my pc in time to include on this post.

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Kath said...

I am very intrigued by the 3 panels done from wood chippings! looking forward to seeing those in particular.