Monday, 27 June 2011

What a scorcher

What a lovely change to see the sunshine yesterday, the hottest day this year here I think. It was very humid though, and I was glad of the sea breeze that hits our back garden, down by the beach it was even cooler and the dog enjoyed a ramble down by the Menia Straits.

When it started to cool down, I decided to try and put up the canvas wardrobe I'd bought a few days previously. If you've never done one of these before ....don't bother is my advice lol !! Even when I followed the instructions, actually getting the canvas bit on was a nightmare. In the end I had to shout my daughter and get her to help me, and she ended up having to get inside the dammed thing to get the last poles in place. The actual rail the clothes hang on, seems to be a bit unstable so it remains to be seen whether it'll hold the weight of my clothes !!

By the time the wardrobe saga had finished, I was just too tired to clear all the bags and junk off my bed properly, so I just pushed everything to one side. But for some reason despite being really tired, I just couldn't get to sleep. I tossed and turned for most of the nite falling asleep just before 4am and then waking up again at 8am :o(

My mobile rang unusually early this morning, it was a school in Bromsgrove where my oldest daughter lives. It turns out they found my daughter phone she'd lost on Saturday, and as I was in her phone as MOM they decided to ring and elt me know they had it. Can you let her know please said the woman on the phone, yes I said ...I'll text her ...... then realised what I said ....full marks for being a dope first thing on a Monday morning for me lol.

A few more photo's from the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.

This was the bonsai section, I was quite disappointed I'd expected much smaller tree's


My daughter and I both enjoy macro photography, so here's a couple of close ups we took while we were there.



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