Thursday, 4 March 2010

One of those times

There have been quite a few times in my life, when I have suddenly realised that I feel truly happy and content with my life. This is one of those times, I wake up looking forward to the day and whatever it brings. I might not have the latest flat screen tv, a posh car parked outside or any of the other material possession that seem to mean so much to other people, what I do have is, peace of mind, and that to me is priceless....

As we were driving along the A4080 at the weekend, my friend that came to visit remarked that at some point, there must have been sea covering a lot of this area to produce the many sand dunes. This got me thinking, as the sand dunes cover quite a large area away from the sea, and I couldn't imagine the sea coming that far inland. By pure chance I happened to stop and read the information board at Newborough forest, where we take out dog for his daily walk quite often. How surprised was I, when I read that 700 years ago this area was hit by storms that actually engulfed a cottage and it was buried in sand. When I got home I decided to try and find out more about these storms. Much to my surprise I found out that in the winter of 1320, and over 211 acres was hit by a series of such violent storms that 11 cottages were buried under sand dunes, some of the ruins can still be found in Newborough forest now. So maybe there's a link between the sand dunes we saw and the effects of these violent storms ?

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