Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nothing days and slip ups

After being really busy, I seem to have had a couple of nothing days. In my world these are days where I don't actually get round to doing anything constructive !! These kind of days always seem to happen when I've got so many idea's buzzing round in my head, that I can't decide what to do next I end up doing nothing lol. I did manage to sort out the room where a lot of my craft stuff is though, so something was achieved :o)

Yesterday afternoon we went to a small park type area in an industrial estate, that my daughter had mentioned last week. Much to my delight we spotted 3 squirrels running around. A perfect photo opportunity I thought, and we happily snapped away for well over half an hour. Once I got back home I downloaded the photo's and started going through them, I was very disappointed that none of them seemed to have their usual crispness. It wasn't until this morning when I happened to glance at my camera I realised what the problem was. The camera was on the wrong setting ...dohhhhh, how annoying. Mind you it's a good excuse to go back there again and take more photo's lol.

It looks like the suns coming out today, so hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of the plants I bought last week, unpacked and planted out.

I thought I'd share the squirrel photo's even though they aren't brilliant quality.




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