Sunday, 4 October 2009

One panel finished

Late last night I finished the mosaic on the first panel for the fireplace, and though I say so myself, I'm quite pleased with it. It still needs some little extra's added to it, and the background painted, but the hard bit is done now. I shall have to get my daughter to cut the rest of the panels, before she goes off down to her sisters, for a couple of days in the Midlands. I'll also have to cut a load more tiles before I start the next one, which I'm not looking forward to incase it kick starts the arthritus in my hands again, how I wish I had one of those glass cutting machines to make the job easier.

A couple of days ago on the way to Caernafon we popped into a garden centre I'd spotted previously, Treborth Garden Centre. What a great place, my daughter and I spent a very enjoyable hour there. There were some beautiful house plants (something we'd been looking all over Anglesey for, with no sucess), beautiful tubs of colourful plants even at this time of the year, and also some very unusual ornaments, at quite reasonable prices too. This place actually looked like a garden centre, unlike the Hollands Garden Centre on Anglesey, which has now turned into a glorified, over priced gift shop.... big mistake there I think !!!

We went on a mission yesterday looking for a 2nd hand double oven cooker, something we've needed for a while now. Luck was with us and we spotted a lovely one over in Colwyn Bay. This will hopefully be winging it's way to us once its had a safety check :o) We also popped into B&Q on the way home to check out their paint section, as most of the other major DIY shops seemed to have all the same coloured paints called different names. They had a great selection, metallic wall paint ( I was very tempted lol ) suede effect paint, and loads of different colours to the other shops. I've now found the paint for my bedroom ...deep purple of course, my favourite colour. So that will be got in a couple of weeks time.

Today we are having a break from all things to do with the house, and are going over to Wrexham to visit a friend in her new house. Well I say new, it's actually a listed building lol. As it's surrounded by woods I think I'll take my camera, which reminds me I need to recharge the batteries, so that's it for me today folks.

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