Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lovely day

Yesterday was my birthday, and a very pleasant one too. Although my birthdays are always low key anyway, a visit from a close friend and a trip to the beach on a warm, sunny autumn day to watch the sea which was a beautiful turquoise blue, with my daughter made it a very happy day. I had numerous birthday wishes on my facebook page, some text messages and a visit from my oldest daughter this weekend to look forward as well.

Yesterday was also my 2nd day at attempting to wallpaper our hallway. Both days I've managed to do 4 lengths of wallpaper before my back gave out because of the standing. I was hoping to do some more when we got back from the beach, but a walk along the beach put pay to that lol. Today should see it finished hopefully as there is only the fiddly bits to do above doors etc, then my daughter will get stuck in painting it.

Then at last I might be able to make a start on the large abstract oil painting I'm going to do for above the fireplace. Np photo's of the fireplace yet as we still aren't happy with it. We were talking about it yesterday, and neither of us are happy with the cladding on the side of it, due to the fireplace being very uneven it's stopped the mdf from sitting neatly against it, so I think we're going to remove the sides and see what we can do instead. We're also going to change the colour of the paint to a deep chocolate brown too.

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