Monday, 7 September 2009

Passing time

As I'm not very motivated with my latest project, my mind has wandered towards making a few things for the new house. I'm going to paint some stones to put in a bowl, this shouldn't take long and my box of acrylic paints is one of the few arty things that hasn't been packed yet. It's amazing how many times this week, I've needed something that's been sat there for months untouched .... sods law I guess eh.

I've also been thinking of colour schemes for the new place too. As always it'll be a riot of colour as I'm just not the type of person to follow the norm and go for safe colours. Various rooms will probably have some kind of theme, the front room will be a mystical theme, the bedroom will be Indian style and the kitchen Mexican, all of which will allow me to fulfill my love of rich colours. It'll probably be a long job, but worth it now that this is our home. The bathroom has eluded me so far, I think that's maybe as it looked very white from what we could tell through the patterned glass. As it's got a walk in shower there's possibly going to be floor to ceiling white tiles in some part. These will probably be way too expensive to re tile in something that would be my taste. I know there's tile transfers, but I expect these are all pretty much middle of the road style no good to me lol. I've also read that tile paint isn't very good either, so I shall have to put my thinking cap on.

One of the people interested in the kiln, decided to have it, and that got paid for and is being picked up and taken to Derbyshire, this week. My daughters bandsaw also sold and went yesterday. So that will be two heavy items not to have to be moved thank goodness.

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