Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How time flies

Wow.... already a week has passed since I wrote on here !! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun lol. The unpacking is pretty much done, but I have to admit quite a bit of the stuff unpacked, has just been put in places to sort out another day. But at least now there's a bit of space and room to breathe.

My daughter finished off laying the laminate on her own !! She's one of those girls that can't bear seeing things half done, so when my friend was too busy to come and help when he expected, she decided to have a go herself. She's done a brilliant job, and what a difference it makes, although the dog's still coming to terms with looking like Bambi, when he tries to stand up.

The front room wall now has a feature wall too, in a rich deep aubergine colour ( aren't we posh lol ) It looks amazing, as well as doing this my daughter also put up 3 floating shelves, which now have my favourite ornaments on, and the front room has started looking like home.

Saturday found us taking a trip to a car boot in Bangor that we'd never been to before. What a waste of time and petrol that was !! I can honestly say its the worst car boot I've ever been to. So Sunday we went to our usual one and came home with some cream curtains for Jen's room, a pair of matching Ikea lampshades and a couple of other bits and bobs.

Yesterday we took a trip to the recycling centre, to get rid of all the boxes we'd used to move. Then it was on a mission to find a timber merchants my friend had told me about. When we got there we found a beautiful slice of yew complete with bark. The guy told us that the tree was 600 years old, imagine that ..all those hundreds of years old, we managed to knock the guy down from £30 to £25 for it. This is going to be cut down to size, sanded and oiled and used on top of the fireplace, which I am mosaicing to cover the awful 50's tiled one that's there at the moment. Next was a trip to yet another garden centre on the hunt for a decent sized house plant. I've lost count of the number of places we've already tried. We still had no luck, but on the way out we spotted a corner of the garden centre which was a reclamation yard. There was some more slices of tree one piece in particular caught our eye, it was a beautiful shape, with loads of character. It was huge ..at least 8 ft long and 4ft wide in places. Not even thinking we might be able to afford it, we asked how much .....£30 !!! What a bargain, there was no way we could miss having that, so now we are waiting to have it delivered. That will be sanded down and made into a coffee table and at a later date we'll find something else for my clever daughter to make with the rest of it.

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