Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I'm back !!

I know it's been a longggggggg time since I updated my blog, but I'm back !! I've been doing lots of new things since I last posted. I've been doing more craft fairs, some more successful than others lol, creating a Facebook page with all my new things on and generally enjoying life.

Hopefully I'm going to add a Facebook badge ( whatever that might be !! ) to this page, so that anyone that's interested in the crafts side of my life can just click on, and the marvels of technology will transport you straight to my new Facebook page ...that's the plan anyway.

I've been doing a lot of new crafts that don't involve glass * shock horror * This has been through necessity rather than choice I have to add. Cutting all those little squares now causes me a lot of pain, due to arthritis in my thumb joints. So much as I enjoyed mosaics, they had to go I'm afraid.

Knowing that despite what the government says, people are still feeling the pinch moneywise. I've been trying to make my new crafts as affordable as possible. Occasionally I even include free postage to the UK and also include  free gift bag too. Just so that people from outside the UK who like my stuff don't miss out, I'll be posting abroad at cost price. No hidden extra charges like on some well known auction sites !!

Just to give you a tiny taster of what there is to see on my Facebook page, I'll put a photo of some fridge magnets I've been making. I'm selling these at the amazing price of £4 and that includes free postage in the UK and a few organza gift bag too. What a bargain eh !!

 photo DSCF3084800x5291-1.jpg

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