Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rain, rain and wind !!

What terrible weather it's been !! Here in Lancaster we've had nothing but wind or rain, or a combination of the two for the last 3 days. I was particularly gutted as I was supposed to do a summer fair on Saturday, with my friend Di. But on looking out of the window, I just had to admit to myself it wouldn't be a good idea to go off on my scooter to the other end of town, pushing my battery levels to their limits and getting soaked into the bargain. I'd had a sore throat for a few days and also the arthritis in my knee's has been particularly painful since last weekend. So I decided I had to be sensible ( not like me at all lol ) and not go.

The day wasn't wasted though, and I've been beavering away doing another new line, some pretty little stained glass and bead suncatchers. Luckily they just need some light and not sunshine, to show them off nicely. I'm very pleased with them, and once I've cleaned off any residue flux off them, I'll be showing off my latest idea. I also started restocking my little stained glass angels, as I was getting very low on them. I have to admit I don't enjoy doing them, they're very fiddly and also as they are so small I constantly burn my fingers when I solder them, but they are always popular no matter what time of the year, so I shall suffer lol, and probably curse a few choice words in the process lol.

Having got up yesterday morning at 5am, by 4pm I was starting to feel tired. Even though I was going to cook a time consuming roast dinner, I said to Jim I'll just have a little snooze for an hour........ two hours later I woke up !! Through bleary eyes I asked Jim to turn the oven on for me. It's already on he said ...what a sweetheart he'd already started the dinner. Lovely smells were soon wafting  in from the kitchen and my mouth started to water. Three quarters of an hour later, the yummiest dinner I've had for quite a while was put in front of me. Marinated chicken, shredded cabbage, roasted garlic, gravy and the most gorgeous roast potatoes I've EVER had. I do love  living with a man that just gets on with things, without huffing and puffing and making fuss because he cooked the dinner !!!

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