Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No wonder this country is in recession

No wonder this country is in recession when even the Royal family doesn't support it. I was horrified to read recently on a craft forum I use, that the tableware for Prince Williams wedding is going to be produced in China !!!

It's hard enough for any businesses in the UK to survive these days, without the monarchy of this country handing over an order for 16,000 pieces of tableware to China. I'm disgusted and I'm sure a lot of other people are too. Out of the 500 companies who put in bids to produce this tableware surely there was one in the UK that could have been given it. I'm not interested in the royalty personally, but this is going to a globally covered event, surely the Royals could have used this to promote buy British !!!

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Mike Lees said...

Couldn't agree more - but what do you expect the royals have been taking from this country for year and have given nothing in return. We should do what the french did years ago.