Thursday, 8 July 2010

Freegle/ Freecycle

Despite the best of intentions I never did get round to varnishing this flipping heart mosaic !! I'm beginning to really hate the sight of this particular mosaic which is currently sitting behind me on the back of the settee. It's not a big job, and yet every day something seems to distract me from doing it grrrrr.

Yesterday was a pretty good day though. Via Freegle ... the old Freecycle website, I managed to acquire a pine bed base the kind with slats across it. This is going to be a perfect fence to stop my dog escaping down the side of the house !! Up till now I've been using the top half of a welsh dresser ( which wouldn't fit on it's base in this house ). This dresser top has been the bane of my life since we moved here, because it was so solid it was constantly getting blown down in the winds, and god was it heavy to heave back up again too !!! I've also driven my daughter mad with my constant hunt for wood to make a fence before yesterday lol. Until I can come up with some kind of way to attach this new fence to the wall it's being held in place with some string lol. One side is attached to a plastic down pipe, the other side very precariously hanging on to a very long nail that I've managed bang into the wall. It's not a pretty sight but until I can do the job properly it's stopping my wayward dog, so I'm happy. While we were picking this wood, up my daughter spotted a very nice funky coloured, comfy computer chair abandoned at the same place, so she smiled sweetly and we got given that too. Trying to get this bed base and a computer chair and a rather large dog into the back of a tiny Peugeot 106 was no easy feat trust me, and our attempts amused the workers where we got these goodies from. But after getting the dog in and out several times, dropping the back seats and having the afore said fence digging in the back of our heads all the way home, we managed it whoooooo lol. We will of course recycle my daughters other pc chair back on to Freegle.

Seeing as photo's have been a bit low on the ground lately, here's a couple of photo's of my little grand daughter Kacey Louise I took last week.



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Good old Freegle - what would we do without it!

Get the mosaic finished misses! lol x

Vicky x