Sunday, 15 November 2009

Long time no blog

Yet again real life took over and I've neglected my blog badly :o( However .... slowly but surely we're getting things made for the house, and it's starting to look more homely.

Last Tuesday saw us doing what we thought was going to be a flying 2 day visit, to my oldest daughter in Bromsgrove. As always the best made plans and all that fell by wayside, and we ended up staying 5 days. I have to admit I was pretty reluctant to leave our new little house, but I'm glad I did, as we had a great time and loads of laughs on the way.

On the Weds we went to see a friend of ours we hadn't seen for a quite a while, we had loads of laughs and it was great to catch up with all that's gone on in her life. We left with promises to go and visit again soon, and next time my daughter Jenny would take her tattoo stuff and do tattoo's for my friend and her fella.

From there we headed off over to Acocks Green to met up with my son Ben, and mates Martin and Mandy. Mandy had invited us for a meal and we were all looking forward to that, as Mandys well known for being a great cook !! On our way there by sheer fluke we spotted another of my sons Jed, and had a quick kiss and cuddle with him too, with promises to try and get back and see him while we visiting. The meal was gorgeous and we had lots of laughs as always when we're there.

The next day we'd arranged to go over and visit a friend of mine Vikki, that I'd met on a forum we both use. Vikki and I have similar lack of mobility problems, so I mentioned a few things that I thought I might help make her life a bit easier from day to day. So hopefully she'll get some much needed help from occupational therapists in the near future, as her house really wasn't geared up for someone that has trouble getting about. Sadly her husband Julian was away on a buying trip in France. He buys beautiful old wood burners abroad and does them up in his workshop and sells them on. Next on the visit list, was to go and see my oldest grandson Martin and his girlfriend.After his girlfriend had told us how excited he'd been about us visiting, I felt quite guilty that we hadn't got there before now :o(

Friday saw us heading for Ikea in Wednesbury, somewhere I really wanted to visit as there isn't a store anywhere near us. Even getting there was a mission in itself. We couldn't use the sat nav as my daughters lighter socket wasn't working, so what should have taken about 1/2hr actually took us more like 1 1/2hrs lol. We seemed to be going round in circles and went through the same town not once, nor twice but 3 times in the end. Luckily my oldest daughter eventually spotted something that looked familiar, and we eventually managed to get there. It was a wonder we never got kicked out, we laughed and messed around so much. I was the butt of the laughter at one point, when we needed to go down an escalator. I have a terrible phobia about going down these dammed things, and despite my daughter Jenny holding my hand like I was kid, I still couldn't step on to it, so I ended up having to use the stairs. It doesn't sound funny put into words, but trust me it had my two daughters howling with laughter !!! By the time we left, the weather had turned really nasty, torrential rain and very windy. My oldest daughter was driving, and I have to take my hat off to her, at how well she coped considering she's a learner.

Saturday morning we headed back home, and the weather hadn't improved much then either. Torrential rain, made the spray on the motorway so bad we could hardly see where we going at some points. But at last we arrived home safe and sound back to our little house. How I loved sleeping in my lovely big bed last nite !!!

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